May 15, 2023

For Immediate Release


NATIONAL – Qualified Pension Services is excited to announce that after more than 11 months of development and planning it has launched its new corporate brand identity, redesigned logo, and new company website. These changes come at a time when the company continues to expand its business and solidify itself as a leader in the retirement plan industry nationally and in its home state of Colorado.

Says Debbie Zimmer, President of QPS, “We have continued to grow our business for the last 27 years by paying attention to the needs of our clients, financial advisors, and other industry partners. We believe that the best way to service our industry and those clients is to be the best that we can be. Our initials QPS perfectly fit with our theme of offering Quality in our operations, Professionalism in everything we do and Service that represents the best of all of us. With our new website and marketing strategy, as well as our continued focus on providing the high-quality, personal service we are known for, we are positioned to move even further forward to the head of our industry.”

Designed to work effortlessly across digital and physical channels, the new logo represents the quiet calm of the Colorado backcountry while evoking the message of the sun rising to help grow the trees, much as the retirement plan industry helps grow the future fortunes of its clients. In addition, the rise of the land evokes the climb to financial stability for clients.

The updated corporate website was introduced at to reflect the new brand identity and showcase the company’s advantages and competitive strengths. The newly designed website features easy-to-navigate pages and updated, simplified messaging. The visual design showcases and celebrates memorable features of the company’s home state, while the layout is structured to provide a seamless user experience. QPS would like to encourage everyone to visit the new site and explore its unique layout.

About Qualified Pension Services

Since 1996, Qualified Pension Services has assisted small business owners in creating and maintaining quality retirement plans for their benefit and the benefit of their employees. We work with our clients to truly understand their unique objectives, meet their needs, and produce a retirement Plan to feel good about. QPS achieves organic growth through referrals from key business associates and current clients.


For more information, contact:

Debbie Zimmer